How to turbo your mechanically injected Diesel engine.

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  • How to turbo your mechanically injected Diesel engine.

    Righto so later this week i'll be adding boost to the 80 series cruiser...

    And i was thinking of you lot and thought i'd be nice and write up a how too, DIY sorta thing, now this is my first how too. Is their any particular steps that you guys want covered?

    I'll be taking photos but if you guys would like a video of a particular step let me know... Cheers guys..

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    gday tuff, im in the process of adding 8psi to the 75 series so will be watching with interest!


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      i'll be reading with interest simply because we had an 80 series with a safari aftermarket turbo and intercooler fitted



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        I'd be wary boosting the 1hz the heads are quite thin and weak around the precombustion chambers and are prone to cracking. Don't try and get to much power out of it and an egt gauge is a must. Mine let go even with all the right precautions taken.


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          I'll second that. Many moons ago I had my 80 series 1hz fitted with an aftermarket turbo. It worked well for about 12 months but after moving to the territory it began to have overheating problems, at 100 kph the temp would rise. Spent a lot of money trying to remedy this, new rad, comp tests engine flush new viscous coupling for the fam etc. in the end I came across a 1hdft engine so I did the big swap and no more issues. Bigger bottom end bearings and lower compression in the factory deal. Designed to run a turbo.


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            The 1hdft is also direct injection which imo is the only way to have a diesel after my previous experiences. All the combustion happens where it is supposed to be not starting inside a small pocket inside the head. The indirect injection came about to get rid of the diesel clatter sound on naturally aspirated engines but you won't find hardly any factory turbo diesels running it as it traps to much heat in the head leading to cracks and eventual failure.

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            Having worked with engines for 15 years, the number one thing for Diesels is a Pyrometer (or Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge)

            If you can get your diesel engine tuned so that you arent in the danger zone (depends on the engine, some say 600 deg, some say 800deg) you should be ok.

            Ive seen small buzzers rigged up to let the driver know to back off a bit too.

            Another thing is dont use a turbo off a Skyline or similar petrol car (unless its really suited to Diesels) as the trim level of the turbine blades are designed to suit the petrol cars longer and higher power band.
            TD04 are pretty good for a daily driver.
            Have you injectors reconditioned/seated/tested too.
            I could go on forever!

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          ive been keeping an eye open for a 1hdft and gearbox to do the big swap but havnt struck any bargains yet. I would prefer to go direct injection for the same reasons listed above but the old 1hz will do me till then. I dont want to make mass HP out of it, I would be happy with 15-20% gain in HP for those down low crawling in the mud situations.


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            Due to things outside of my control it will be a few weeks yet until i am able to add some boost to the beast...

            but in the meantime i have installed the EGT gauge to get an idea of how it performs currently