2003 Hilux 3.0 Diesel...Any good?

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  • 2003 Hilux 3.0 Diesel...Any good?

    I'm on the lookout for a ute to replace my Nav which i'm selling. I've found a 2003 Hilux with the 3.0 non turbo engine 250k on the clock.

    Ute will be daily runner to work and back but also used for shooting and 4x4ing (beach, softroading). I'm not lead footed and stick to the 100kph limit.

    Just wondering what to look out for when going to view it?

    Anyone have one of these who can offer advise?


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    I have a 2003 turbo diesel. good reliable truck if you don't abuse it. Not great on fuel but, with the non turbo itll be sipping around 12-14L per 100km even on the hiway. Also be sure to check service history, lube change every 5000km and it should bring you no dramas. Check for rust or new shiny spray paint underneath, for this is a bad omen. When you test drive it put it in 4x4 low and do a u-turn, if you hear anything coming from the front you may wanna check the cv joints up front as they tend to be the bit that fails. When the boots get worn or ripped dirt and other associated bollocks with get in there and chew them out and its a pain in the bunter.
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      Those early 3 litre models were the pick of them. More go than my 2.8 but do not have the common rail engine of the later ones.

      Common rails go well while they are going but the electronics will give you hell when they play up.
      Much better off with the early 3 litres & 2.8's for reliability. Simple Pressure injected diesels the way they should be.
      Electronics will leave you stranded - dead in the water but the older ones only need a supply of fuel & they will run, think about that if going into remote places.
      As Thunder beard said, Oil changes every 5K & it will go for ever.
      My 2.8 is coming up to 1/2 million K's & still going like a train. Not using any water or oil.
      Could do with a Turbo but it is a bit long in the tooth to be doing that to it now.

      I plan on seeing this original Engine clock up the Mill

      Pretty sure they went to common rail about 2004 or 5


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    go the hilux mate theres a lot more aftermarket stuff for it and also a lot of forums just for hilux owners


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      Had a 99 3 litre na hilux, great ute but it is a bit gutless past 90 km hr. Great for 4wding and shooting.

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    I have the 2.8 in the 4runner variety. I recon the 3ltr is a little bit more of a good thing.
    These engines are easy and cheap to service.
    They will run for ever mine says 150k but its a 92 model so i recon its been around the clock.
    Everything is easy to get too. Plenty of aftermarket support.
    Just make sure you change the oil every 5-6k and you cant kill them.
    A turbo would be nice but it still gets along ok without one.


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      Ive had both the 3L and the 5L Toyota diesels. Cant compare with the modern 1KD and 2KD direct injection TD's though (that said, the early L series doesn't have any known fuel pump problems like they do) .They are awesome.

      Looked after, the 3L and 5L just need water pumps and oil changes. Abused and its cylinder heads that cost nearly as much as most HiAce/Hilux of that era. My 94 3L HiAce has 426,000kms on same long motor. 3rd water pump.
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        Triton was no good. I always get put off when there is no oil on the dip stick...

        Off to look at the Lux tonight. Only concern is me travelling 90km a day so I'm thinking it might be a bit 'rough' over time.