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    Not so long ago on one of my home visits to an elderly patient I had an issue with a blown fuse one night causing my driving lights to go out, most annoying was that I only had my to use my Otoscope as a light to see in the dark and replace the fuse. After looking on other forums I found a simple and cost effective way to see in the dark next time a fuse decides to have a Pulmonary embolism using some LED light strip. For a small price of 15$ I attached a row of lights to the underside of my bonnet and connected it to a switch..... Works well dont you think?

    Just what the Doc ordered

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    DocHollowPoint, good idea for the night time breakdowns.

    Looks a bit like the car lighting at the show car expo's.


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      That's the way to go,LED's are great for that. I've just put 2 rows under the lips of my ute tub, no more fishing around in the dark!


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        Gotta get one. Only way to go.

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      Reckons they would be handy on the ute floor as well for when you drop that shell or bullet in the dark.
      The dome lites are useless at the best of times.
      Under the drives seat ? there`s got to be a lot of good uses for these besides decorations.
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        We did this for a mate, but we used a door switch mounted on the radiator support. Pop the bonnet and on comes the light.

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      How do the lights handle the heat under there?
      Also, are they running off of the vehicles battery or did you rig up a 9v?


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        Nah mate just get 12V ones (all over ebay) and hook em up. They draw bugger all current so you can't really go wrong.

        No heat / melting issues as long as not in contact with engne or headers etc. Might pay not to run them directly over the headers just in case.

        The ute floor idea - I like that ! I'm probably going to steal it too !