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  • Which Winch??

    So the time has come to put the winch into my Triton & I was after a bit of feedback on what models & makes haven't let you down so far.

    My TJM bar set up is rated to 9500lb so don't want to exceed that to much really & would more rely on other methods/techniques for harder retrieves.

    Keen to hear about what brands have been reliable in your 4X4's

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    Have you beefed up the suspension yet?
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    • Aushunter
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      No but that's also coming as well.

      I get mixed comments on that but as my vehicle only has 25K on the clock I am told by many that currently my factory suspension will do the job with the 6\0kg extra weight from the bar & the extra 40kg from the winch.

      The suspension will get done as well in the progression of the upgrades & is next on the list.

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    but yeah I would do the suspension upgrade and winch install at the same time
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    • Aushunter
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      Guys, while your thoughts are appreciated I am not asking about the suspension.

      Back to the winch question!

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    I've only ever had Warne winches on work vehicles and every one of them shit itself at some point.
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      in my opinion aus the premier brand winches are the go ,but do your research and as always go with what makes you comfortable.but bare in mind, if your winch dies, thanks to that prick murphy it will be when you need it most..cheers ..pd


      • magoo
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        Running it regular can help fight Murphy off as it should help dry out moisture before it turns to corrosion and stuff.

        Does the new bar have to come off again to fit it in ?

        I am waiting for the show to try it on them for a bar as I can't see the $2,600 value unless I hit a roo first.

        Not game to do much else as the dealers are trying to blame anything non std when they blow up.
        Everything from suspension to tyres to the arial ffs.

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      don't get bogged and you wont need a winch, buy a $20 shovel and you will have $2,000 left (ish) to spend on a new rifle


      • HERNE
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        So where has this thread taken us after a nights sleep to think on what has been offered...?

        A winch on a vehicle that is not a farm, work or serious 4X4 vehicle... Seems to be an expensive and almost obsolete piece of 'Bling'. Especially, when there are other additions and upgrades that could benefit this driver more like...

        Better suited rubber for the terrain, a shovel, even a new rifle and did someone mention... Suspension?

        Rope... Just enough. :P :lol:

        LEFT SUBDUED... But finger hovering.

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      Nice 300 win would see the fun more than winch rope mate


      • Aushunter
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        Not that I have to justify anything to anyone but myself, yes I've invested in new excellent off road tyres but this is intended to be a back up item & I will be outreaching with this vehicle more & more in the years to come & intend on going to some place that will test the vehicle & the other factor is I will more than likely be a solo vehicle.

        The other factor is that my vehicle does not have ant diff lockers which a lot or your more expensive models would have.

        If I had lockers(which is up to 5k to install) then I would think twice about adding a winch.

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      Runva make a good serviceable winch at a reasonable price . I have had two of them and they never broke down when used sensibly .
      Still have the smaller winch 4500lb . My advice is fit a Runva 11XP Premium 11000lb about $950 . You will not be disappointed . I had one years ago and it shit all over my old broken down Warne . The thing is the Premium winch is made especially to use dyneema rope and has the brake in the gearbox not inside the barrel . This keeps the rope bundle much cooler . https://www.runvawinch.com.au/runva-...c-rope-full-ip
      A suitable winch is far more useful than $5000 on lockers . If the vehicle becomes high centered all four wheels will just spin anyway . I think you are making the right choice , good quality winch and buy the right recovery gear .
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        Set your vehicle set the way you want it before you do anything with the suspension, then you can set it up properly to handle the weight. No point dropping a couple grand on a suspension set up and realise it’s not suitable for your needs.
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        • 17Hornet
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          Thanks Sev, I never even considered that, too basic for me to work it out, but will make use of it soon.
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        Just went through the same process and the winches on my hit list were runva, carbon and vrs. Ended up getting the vrs (right price, highly recommended by a mate and available) but from my research you probably can’t go wrong with any of those three brands.


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          The Runva Premium is more Dyneema rope friendly .


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            With the suspension, I knew I would need better when I drove out the driveway with the beefy new bar and no winch.
            Then on the first run out to the hunting forest, I could induce a bump steer if pushed a bit on bad curvy roads.

            They generally offer 3 or so springs with a rate for a bar and one for a winch as well.

            Funny how they can design the car to handle so well but any weight change will stuff it.


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              Could have done with a winch a few days ago, I will post about it later.

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                Oooops! Been a bit wet and whipping the 'zero-turn' around the waterways perimeter... Slipped off track and couldn't get back!

                Click image for larger version

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                Best winch I every bought... 'Cracklin' Rosie'.

                Click image for larger version

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                  Just hope ol crackling rosie doesn't get wet around the rims and start slipping herself lol
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